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Papa Spud's is an online farmer's market, working to connect Triangle residents with local and/or sustainable farmers. Sign-up for deliveries of their fresh food products direct to your door!
Popular Spanish Tomato Now Available in NC
Kumato Tomatoes from Cloverfield Farms are expected to be available next week. Kumatos are a greenish, brownish, reddish variety of tomato originally from the Spanish Mediterranean and now available across Europe. They are on the small side, but are considered to be a sweeter variety of tomato. Their skins are...
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New Customer
I am soooooo happy with my first order from Papa Spud's - everything was perfect! Can't wait for second order.......
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Last week we received an extra bunch of kale in our box! It was such a surprise to have something extra to work with for the week! Who doesn't like an extra batch of kale chips?! Thanks!...
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Lemon Garlic Chard
1 bunch chard (washed and torn from stem; to remove easily, hold stem upright with one hand, and use other hand to pull greens straight down)

2 garlic cloves (minced or chopped)

2 tbsp lemon or lime juice

1 tbsp olive oil

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Tomatoes, Sunburst, greenhouse
(Eastern Carolina Organics)
Pizza Crusts, gluten-free
(Imagine That Gluten Free)
Lettuce, Green Bibb, hydroponic
(LL Urban Farms)
Bread, Hearty Multigrain, Loaf, gluten-free
(Imagine That Gluten Free)
Cheese, Goat, Herbed
(Hillsborough Cheese Company)
Granola, Strawberry Banana Breakfast Blend
(Huntington Kitchen)
Pasta, Fresh, Ravioli, Lemon Ricotta, frozen
(Melina's Fresh Pasta)
Chicken, bnls sknls breast, frozen
(Rainbow Meadow Farms)
Sweet Potatoes, Covington, conv.
(Wise Farms)
Almond Butter
(Huntington Kitchen)
Milk, Low Fat 2%
(Maple View Farm)
Hot Cross Buns
(La Farm Bakery)
Greens, Kale, Green, conv.
(Wise Farms)
Chicken, ground, frozen
(Rainbow Meadow Farms)
Beef Chuck Roast, frozen
(Wilkerson Farms)
Scones, Belgian White and Dark Chocolate
(La Farm Bakery)
Beef Flank Steak, frozen
(Wilkerson Farms)
Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin
(Stick Boy Bread Co.)
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